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From Our Fellows: Seeking Daily Serenity in These Different Times

Now that the weather has turned colder, I don’t have as much garden work to keep me busy. But I still look for opportunities to get me outdoors and to keep me there. It seems as if that is where I find my hp readily available to me.

I’m not walking at 7 am anymore. I’m walking for an hour or so around 9 or 10. Sometimes I make a date with an OA buddy to take a walk in a park or on a trail. But much of the time, it’s a walk just to walk. I pray and I ask myself "what am I hearing, seeing, smelling, touching and tasting." It makes me pay attention to the present moment.

Right now, before getting outdoors, I am doing a 30-day reading and writing exercise that I found in the “Documents” section of the website. It’s called "Slipping and Sliding." It uses For Today and one of the Overeaters Anonymous volumes. First you read what it recommends and then there are some queries to use for writing. I have found this a good discipline for me.

Years ago in program I used to write more and then it faded. So this is getting me back to a discipline that is serving me well. It doesn’t take too long to do this, but it centers me and starts my day off way better than I would all by myself.

I’m reminded to check in with my hp frequently during the day, asking for direction and starting with my many gratitudes.


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