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From Our Fellows: The Climate Inside My Bubble

It has been an "interesting" few weeks here in the Deep South. We, like most, have stayed in our home, venturing forth for food and toilet paper...if we can find it. And all of the health news and sad news from around the world is surely adding to my stress and strain.

For me, within my little bubble, I feel relatively safe and the necessity-runs to the the grocery store, are super fast with mask and every precaution I have. But here is the real danger for me...

I have a palpable sense of underlying angst. This undercurrent never goes away. There is no real end, so it is hard to focus on that rainbow at the end of the storm. I can not see the light at the end of the tunnel. How can a I deal with this kind of constant tension, frustration and fear?

I take solace from the fact that there have been tragedies throughout the years, some of which make this one pale by comparison. I am inconvenienced at best. I have taken real physical actions to stay safe and they will work for me. I only worry about one real thing...

My sobriety and abstinence are not so much in danger as is my adherence to the 12 Steps. My mental and emotional sobriety is fragile right now and if that begins to suffer, surely my physical sobriety will soon follow. I followed the only course I know...

1. A Plan of Eating

2. Sponsorship...daily contact with the best sponsor in the world

3. Meetings...(ZOOM Counts)

4. Telephone....burning up the phone lines

5. Sponsor makes me!

6. Anonymity...I am hidden away in a bubble...this one is easy

7. Literature...I have few excuses here. I could finally read War and Peace if needed 8. Service...this has been a great opportunity to find tiny little things to do for our Fellows

Somewhere back in the 1930s, some folks were Divinely inspired by their Higher Power (as they understood her) and came up with a pretty dandy Program. It got folks through a few wars, multiple pandemics and problems I am blessed not to have to face.

So I kinda did what my friends in the rooms said..."Keep Coming Back," "It Works If You Work It," "One Day At A Time." And I must say, I have a core of buddies now that I feel would walk through broken glass to support a Fellow sufferer! They are the real troopers. When I get a little low, all I have to do is pick up the phone.

So as I look back to see if I wrote about the "Silver Bullet" or "The Secret Sauce" or the "Buried Treasure" or "The Hidden Map" and I see there is none. It is simply this: Go To Meetings, Work The Steps and Keep Coming Back.

My name is David and I am a hard headed obsessive overeater....if it works for me, it will work for you.

So Keep Coming Back! It Works If YOU Work it! And that's a promise!


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