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Jan 14-16: Join Us for the 62nd Annual OA Birthday Party!

What is the Birthday Party?

The annual Overeaters Anonymous Birthday Party celebrates the January 1960 founding of our program. The party is the main Special Event of the year for the Los Angeles Intergroup. Its purpose is to enhance personal recovery in OA, raise funds to keep the intergroup thriving, and highlight fellowship and service.

What will you experience at the Birthday Party?

Workshops, panels, marathon meetings, and special focus meetings on a large range of topics all day Saturday and Sunday. Additionally, we will be having a weekend-long Big Book study, which is always well-attended. You can expect numerous panels and workshops, including our popular “Sober Eating” workshop and sponsor meet & greets.

Additionally, there will be other fun things on the schedule, such as yoga and meditation. We have a unique opportunity this year to connect with fellows from all over the globe without leaving our homes!

How expensive is the Birthday Party?

Compared to other region and national events (the last WSO Convention registration fees started at $109), our registration fee this year is $30.

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