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2021 World Service Convention Canceled

Note from the Board of Trustees Chair (from WSO newsletter)

We are sad to report that the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees has voted to cancel the 2021 World Service Convention. If you have been following the status of COVID in Florida, and especially in Orlando, you know that the virus is surging there. They are at the highest possible level for community transmission, and according to the Orlando mayor, there are clear indications that it will get worse in the coming days and weeks. We recognize that a lot of amazing work has gone into planning this Convention. It was certain to be a truly fabulous recovery boost for all, and we deeply appreciate all the volunteers have accomplished. Additionally, we accept that OA will be taking a financial hit. But the health and well-being of our staff and members is our paramount concern. It would be reckless for us to ignore the extreme danger presented had we decided otherwise. We will certainly miss gathering with you and OA members from near and far, but this will just make Convention 2025 even more joyous. (I'm assuming that it will be easier for our international members to join us in person by then!) I, for one, am so ready for hugs! Stay well, please. Take good care. With you in recovery and service, Judy H. Chair, Board of Trustees

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