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2022 LA OA Birthday Party Recordings Are Ready!

The recordings from the OA Birthday Party 2022: Window of Opportunity are now available!

To access, please log in to the Window of Opportunity app using the email with which you registered.*

Quick tip: It may be simplest to use the web app for this purpose - click this link to go to the web app:

To Find and Listen to All Recordings of Birthday Party 2022 Sessions

  1. A “Recordings” section has been added to the main app screen. Click it to see the full list of recorded sessions.

  2. Click on the name of the session you want to hear.

  3. In the next screen, click “Click here for the recording of this session.

  4. A window opens with the recording - just click the Play button. It may take a few moments for the recording to load - please be patient.

  5. There is a download button at the top right of the screen - click this if you wish to download the recording to your computer or device as an mp3 file.

*To download the mobile app to your device, the links are below.

However, even on a phone or tablet, it may be simpler to use the web app in the browser on that device.

Questions? Post them on the Help Wall, or you can send an email to ​​.

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