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From Our Fellows: Finding Daily Serenity

Here is what I do to try to manage my serenity on a daily basis during this special time. I take a walk before breakfast every day. It’s usually 30 to 45 minutes in and around my neighborhood. Now it’s around 7 am, since that is when it is light out. It’s pretty quiet out at that time, so I can say my prayers or just do a walking meditation.

I have found outdoor classes at the“Y” for strengthening my muscles and getting my heart rate up very helpful. I have also done some lap swimming. It was easier in the summer when it was hot out, because there are no locker rooms available. Just a sign in and swim for 30 minutes and then go home wet.

I am blessed with a large garden to care for. I’m the vegetable planter, grower and harvester in my small family. It’s slowing down now, but there are Fall greens coming on strong to be picked and eaten. So this is an activity that feeds my soul as well as my physical body. I’m being more mindful when outdoors these day. It’s a time for practicing gratitude for all that I have and all that I am able do.


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