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New In-Person Greensboro Meeting

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

If you are interested in OA, there is a new face-to-face meeting that will be starting in December in Greensboro.

Beginning Tuesday, December 7th at noon, there will be an OA meeting held at First Friends Meeting at 2100 West Friendly Avenue in Greensboro.

First Friends requires everyone to wear a mask to enter their building and suggests social distancing as well.

This will not be a hybrid meeting. So, if can put this in your schedule, or if you can come on your lunch time, please join us there.

The format will be varied, following a schedule of a weekly rotation of General Discussion, Lifeline, Step meeting, Other Literature, and Podcasts.

You can enter this building from the lower parking lot at the east side of the property.

Come join us in December and bring a friend.

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